The Easy SmartPID BBQ is an all in one (controller + blow fan) solution perfect for beginners but also for professional than need a simple set and forget reliable device.  Because it’s portable compact size and battery power management, it’s great for your backyard, tailgates, picnics, camping or wherever your want to bring your BBQ.


Easy controller implement only PIT temperature control same PID algorithm and accuracy of the but implement only some of advanced control features 


Is the only BBQ controller in the entry level range that provides wifi connectivity and remote control via smartphone/tablet/desktop web app

Key Features

Single channel PIT control
● Multiple operation mode

○ monitor (PIT temperature monitor)
○ manual (fan speed manual regulated)
○ auto (fan speed PID regulated)

● PID – PWM fan speed regulation 0-100%
● MIN / MAX fan speed regulation
● Tachometer fan speed indication
● PIT Temperature threshold and alarm indication
● LID open detection
● Wifi connection and remote control

Technical Specifications


Smartpid BBQ has been professionaly designed and engineered with unique techical characteristics

Single channel PIT temperature control

Precise and stable PIT temperature control for perfect cooking2

PID-PWM fan speed control algorithm to ensure maximum precision and stability

Support of NTC thermistor (100K Beta Configurable)

4 wires (PWM speed control) 14 CFM

Dual power supply options: - 220V AC adapter - 5V DC USB bank for outdoor usage

Different low/hight PIT threshold configurable

WiFI connection for remote monitor and control

Dedicated universal web app for any browser desktop or mobile

SmartPID EASY supports a set of common HW features like  TFT graphical display with backlight regulation and temperature/set point/fan speed indication and SW update and loading via USB

Remote Control


The possibility to connect smartPID to wifi and remote monitor and control your BBQ allows you to watch your football match or have a beer with your friends without the need to physical monitor your kettle. Alarms and status are notified to your smartphone in real time.

Some BBQ recipes require temperature adjustment and in case of slow cooking maybe this can be done along few hours. No problem since you can adjust any relevant parameter from remote via universal web application that runs in any browser.

SmarPID is connected in a easy and simple way to a cloud server and manage and provides this capabilities:

  • Periodic dynamic data notification (current PIT/FOOD* temp, set point, blow fan speed..)
  • Asynchronous events (set point reached, LID open, stall* etc..)
  • Advanced program configuration (differential cooking*)
  • Commands from the remote smartphone app (Fan start/stop ,set point modification, LID open.

(*) PRO only

from the web app you can control more than one device and you can also export your cooking session data in CSV format for pos processing and analysis.

In the PRO version you can easily set up your advanced cooking program and download and execute in on click on the controller.