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SmartPid BBQ PRO



Charcoal BBQ temperature control has never been so easy and fun thanks to this new advanced controller that ramps up and down a blow fan to get precise and consistent PIT temperature while FOOD probes  monitor internal temperature


The WiFi and cloud connected capabilities allow you to monitor your cooking via your phone or web everywhere. You can cook delicious meat and fish dishes without the need to control your BBQ day and night, perfect for low and slow cooking process.


Simple to set up and easy to use but with lot of advanced cooking and control features that allows you to become a real pitmaster!

Perfect with any type and size BBQ and Smoker




All in one, plug and play solution with just PIT temperature control. Simple to set up. Simple to use compact and portable controller. Basic control features. Runs from USB power bank battery. Wifi Connection and remote web/app control.




Advanced controller with one PIT probes and 3 food probes. Separate control unit and blow fan. Advanced control features and cooking programs . Runs from USB power bank battery and main power supply. Wifi Connection and remote web/app control.



SmartPID BBQ controller controls charcoal bbq temperature based on a simple principle: moduleate a blow fan speed and air flow to regulate the PIT temperature in a consistent and accurate way.


The use of such a simple but effective techniques through a sophisticated PID algorithm allows the controller to keep temperature constant in your BBQ or smoker also for long period and beside this the use of a blow fan speed up the fire start with no or much less smoke.


All you have to do is plug it in and set it and forget. Than smartPID controller almost magically maintains your target temperature consistently. Food probes monitor internal cooking temperature and You can set alarm and thresholds and you get notifications of all events. Advanced features (rest, lid open, stall, differential cooking) helps you to become a real pit master.

WiFi connected


Both Easy and Pro controller support wifi connection to cloud server for easy remote monitor and control via web app (desktop, smartphone and tablet).


Remotely monitor your PIT and FOOD temperature, get cooking alarms and notifications, change real time any settings, detail temperature plots and cooking session data export are some of the web app features that complements smartPID controller power and make your BBQ experience “smart”.

Stay Tuned!

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